The Residencia and residents’ fate after the Spanish Civil War

For women in particular, the outcome of the conflict brought about a brutal regression in the advances that had been gained in the previous decades.

Ex-residents were now spread all over America and Spain with varying degrees of success in their new surroundings. Some of them were able to take advantage of the relationships established years before and they ended up in staying in different parts of America and Europe, where they lived out their long years of exile. Among the ones that stayed in Spain, there were various bouts of reprisals, which in some cases led to imprisonment and disqualification. In spite of this situation, the experience of these women, who were advanced for their era, inspired the journey of other women who took it upon them to recover their lost territory in society.

María Zambrano giving a lecture in the auditorium of the Universidad de Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, 1942. Copy of that era. Fundación María Zambrano.