Years of war: (1936-1939)

As was commonplace for the majority of students, in July 1936 María de Maeztu spent her holidays outside of Madrid, which she immediately returned to after hearing of the coup d’état in Spain. In September 1936, she resigned as director of the Residencia de Señoritas and shortly after, left Spain. A committee directed by Regina Lago and as well as residents and ex residents, was created to substitute María de Maetzu and at the beginning of 1937 they decided to move to Paiporta in Valencia, following the steps of the Republican Government. When the war ended and the JAE centres were dissolved, the Colegio Mayor Teresa de Cepeda was founded in 1940 in some of the ex-Residencia de Señoritas’ buildings.

Cover of Lo popular en la plástica española a través de mi obra, by Maruja Mallo, Buenos Aires, Losada, 1939. Residencia de Estudiantes, Madrid.