la generación del 27. ¿Aquel momento ya es una leyenda?
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plano rincón de goya en zaragoza«Nuevo arte en el mundo. Arquitectura, 1928» was the title of the La Gaceta Literaria’sspecial issue dedicated to this field. In it, «writers, architects, and ladies» answered   Fernando García Mercadal’s questionnaire on the new architecture.

In general, most of the participants preferred a rationalist, neat architecture without ornamentation. Moreno Villa said that their dream house looked like «the Dunhill lighter».

The new architecture advocated by the architects of the «Generation of 25» promoted studying abroad (the models were the Bauhaus in Weimar and Dessau, and the Decorative Arts Exhibition in Paris, 1925). The Arquitectura periodical supported these views from 1927.

The main architectural works during those two years were García Mercadal’s Rincón de Goya in Saragossa, Casto Fernández-Shaw’s Porto Pi gas station in Alberto Aguilera St., in Madrid, a work that combined rationalism with futurism and expressionism, and the marquis of Villora’s house, by Rafael Bergamín, on 130 Serrano St, an example of «clean architecture» without any ornamental elements.

Le Corbusier’s visit to Spain was very influential. His articles were translated and his lecture at the Residencia de Estudiantes was a great success. It was the first of a series of lectures that García Mercadal organized for the general public delivered by prominent figures in the field of modern architecture.

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