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100% Residencia Digital is the digital branch of the exhibition 100% Residencia. Una tradición recuperada that commemorates the centenary of the founding of the Residencia de Estudiantes.

100% Residencia Digital summarizes the work that the institution has been doing for a decade to bring new technologies to support culture and to disseminate its activities.

The reference point is the site Silver Age (http://edaddeplata.org), which uses the Web to provide access to information and broadcasting of events of the Residencia, and which also allows the consultation of its archives and material related to the culture of the Silver Age.

Access to many of these archival files is provided through cross-reference maps, the result of a research project, a pioneer in the field of culture, which has used technology to visualize information. As a sample, it can be seem in the exhibition (beta version) of Revistas de la Edad de Plata y de Red 100, and Archivo de la JAE, fully operational.

100% Residencia Digital is an example of what new technologies can do for the dissemination of the legacy transferred from the past and artistic creation today.

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