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With the head of the blond athlete, designed by Fernando Marco, as its imprint, the Residencia began its publications in 1913 and continued until 1936. During this period, more than forty books were published, among them the first selection of Miguel de Unamuno Ensayos, and José Ortega y Gasset’s first book, Las Meditaciones del Quijote.

In 1990, the Residencia re-started its publications. Since then, it publishes critical editions of its historical documents and has recovered exceptional testimonies, such as the Archivo de la Palabra of the Centro de Estudios Históricos (1931-1933), and the complete collection of the periodical Residencia (20 issues published between 1926-1934) It also publishes works by its own researchers, books on people and institutions associated with its historical period, and some of its courses, lecture series and the catalogs of its exhibits.