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The Friends of the Residencia de Estudiantes Association is a civil organization, declared of public interest, which aims to continue promoting Spanish culture, a mission that characterized the Residencia de Estudiantes between 1910 and 1936.

The Association was founded in 1926, but its activity was abruptly interrupted by the Civil War. However, its members, both in exile and in Spain, continued to collaborate with the director of the Residencia, Alberto Jimenez Fraud, to keep alive the spirit of cultural integration and tolerance that characterized the institution since its birth.

In 1983, the Association was legally re-established to celebrate Jimenez Fraudís centenary. The recovery process of the Residencia began in 1986, finally setting up its permanent site in its old buildings in1988. Since then the Association is being renewed by members of the new generation and eight years later was declared of public utility.

The members of the Association contribute an annual fee for the development of activities in all areas. Thanks to their contribution, the Residencia offers lectures, concerts, poetry readings and exhibitions; it publishes works on the Residencia history and its current activities; it rescues archival material essential to the study of the intellectual history of the twentieth century; it grants fellowships to young scholars and artistsÖ

Members of the Association have a number of benefits, according to their membership category (Friend, Benefactor Member or Associated Company):

The Association of Friends of the Residencia de Estudiantes is an organization declared of public interest. Contributions to the Association benefit from the tax deductions established by the Law 49/2002 of December 23, on taxation of non profit organizations and tax incentives to sponsorship.