I. dibujos alámbricos, 1925-1927

Personajes alados. National Library, Madrid.On January 20, 1927, although it was dated on April 19, 1925, Moreno Villa published his article, “Dibujos alámbricos " (wire drawings), illustrated by his drawings, in the Argentinean periodical Martín Fierro.

In this article, the author explained that these works should be made with wire and that "are not Cubist, but derive from learning that and other styles later. They are experiments in favor of the line which, I am convinced, has a peculiar language, independent of any representation.”

The article also revealed his source of inspiration, which was none other than Picasso’s work for the ballet Mercure, with music by Eric Satie and choreography by Massine, premiered in Paris on June18, 1924. In his own words: "Readers who follow up the achievements of modern art would certainly known Picasso’s work for the Mercure ballet and would remember the importance of wire or twisted iron in it. My wireless games are suggestions of this ballet. I wish they would suggest, in their turn, others. "