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The games and artistic adventures of the well known group that Federico García Lorca, Salvador Dalí, and Luis Buñuel formed at the Residencia, with José Bello (Pepín) as facilitator and bonding figure, were a good example of the atmosphere of the house. Their spirit of transgression, typical of the avant-garde, appeared in numerous creations, including the drawings that they named “putrefactos” (the rotten), a term that referred to the outdated, boring and bourgeois, or the “anaglifos,” a peculiar verse form that became very popular among residents. There were also nocturnal wanderings, and the adventures of the “Orden de Toledo” (Order of Toledo), as well as theatrical evenings with other residents, where they performed La profanación del Tenorio (The desecration of Tenorio), a parody of Zorrilla’s play Don Juan Tenorio. The later work of the three artists reveals the special influence of this environment and their living together in those years.

Group of residents in front of the Transatlántico Pavilion, March1925, Madrid. At the bottom right angle: Federico García Lorca, León Sánchez Cuesta, and Salvador Dalí. On the top row: Ángel Garma (second on the right), Ricardo Orueta and Gonzalo Gurriarán (seated, the third and fourth on the left), Paulino Suárez and Claudio Sánchez Albornoz (standing in the middle).
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