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Moreno Villa recalled that Jiménez Fraud “was never satisfied that [the Residencia] was a mere student hostel”. He wanted to make it a complex organism. To do this, an effective tutorial system was established, similar to the English Oxbridge college system, and students were provided with the best physical environment possible, in an effort to awaken their interest in knowledge in all its dimensions.

Living at the Residencia meant to listen to the best scientists and artists of the time in lectures, performances and recitals, but also to participate in guided tours of the Prado Museum and other art centers, and to attend theatrical performances and public lectures that took place outside the Residencia.

Science, music, performing arts, architecture, art, poetry. All were part of the daily life of the institution. They were present not only in the cultural programming open to the public, but also in educational activities for the residents, as well as in the frequent gatherings, informal meetings, and performances that were improvised daily in the lounge or in one of the rooms.

Contact with nature and sports (tennis, soccer, climbing, skiing, athletics, rugby, or hockey) was encouraged through the organization of excursions and sports tournaments. Practice and training were equally important: they understood that team sports and outdoor activities contributed to the development of body and mind, strengthening character and team spirit.

All this meant that the Residencia generated an atmosphere conducive to work, creativity and the pursuit of excellence, but also to joy, fun, ingenuity and open dialogue.

Dining hall of the Residencia de Estudiantes, on  Fortuny St., in the 1910’sLouis Eaton-Daniel, Juan Centeno, Federico García Lorca, Emilio Prados,and José Bello  at la Residencia de Estudiantes, Madrid, 1924.Flag for the sport activities of the la Residencia de Estudiantes, 1920’s and 30’s.
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