100% Residencia (1910-2010). La Residencia.  A legacy recovered
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Life at the Residencia was governed by an unwritten code, transmitted personally by management, tutors and older residents. The so-called “spirit of the house” was reflected in a certain way of life built around personal responsibility, work, the pursuit of excellence, the cult of friendship and creative leisure, so that the individual effort might have an influence on society. The chosen instruments to promote this spirit were field trips, sports, cultural visits and, in particular, the coexistence of different disciplines.

The emblem of the Residencia, the head of the blond athlete found on the Acropolis in Athens and chosen as stamp for its publications, represents the principles that animated the “spirit of the house”. It symbolizes its comprehensive education, based on tolerance, pluralism and dialogue between different disciplines of the arts and sciences, between different generations, and between tradition and modernity. It also represents the sobriety, serenity and elegance found in the atmosphere of the Residencia that also characterized its architecture and interior decoration.

Drawing by Fernando Marco made in 1913 as the stamp for the publications of the Residencia de EstudiantesFrom left to right, Alberto Jiménez Fraud, Juan Ramón Jiménez (standing), Américo Castro, Manuel García Morente , and the art critic Àngel Vegué i Goldoni in the garden of the Residencia de Estudiantes, on Fortuny St., no. 8, Madrid, 1914.
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